Education is my top priority. Our children are the foundation of our community. Colorado’s education system has failed our children. I will fight for them by:

  • Funding students, not systems
  • Getting back to the basics of reading, writing and math
  • Raising teacher pay and eliminating wasteful administrative costs
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Jobs & The Economy

Businesses across Colorado have struggled over the last few years. Colorado’s leaders must get out of the way and allow the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado to thrive. I will work to ensure Colorado’s economy bounces back stronger than ever by:

  • Cutting red tape and needless government intervention
  • Combatting the rising cost of living by lowering taxes and fees
  • Enhancing workforce development across the state
  • Protecting TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights)
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We cannot sit idly by as crime ravages our state. Our elected leaders have failed Colorado by putting criminals back onto the street. I will keep our communities safe by: 

  • Reforming bail bonds to keep violent criminals out of our community
  • Overhauling sentencing laws to keep Colorado families safe
  • Fully funding law enforcement and pushing back against anti-police rhetoric
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Bringing Balance Back to Colorado

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